Our Approach

As an employee you probably want your company to see your contribution.  You work hard to do well in your job, and you work hard to make your company succeed.

As an employer you want your employees to know that you see their contribution and that you are investing in their career, so they will stay.

We saw that there was a gap and decided to do something about it.  We put together a plan to bridge the gap.  A LearnPlan.

Our Story

A customer asked our CEO to find out why people were leaving after three years.  Not just younger employees...their retention rate overall had dropped dramatically.

When we spoke to the employees we found out that they did not feel engaged by their company, and they did not believe the company was investing in their careers.  So we devised a plan to address both issues.  A LearnPlan.

Meet the Team

We come from technology.  We come from education.  We come from the cloud.  But more importantly, we're people.

Our background is uniquely suited to help people find more joy in their jobs, so they'll stay with their company and advance their career.


Jules Trono

President & CEO

Jules was built by IBM and delivered to her parents. She supported one of the largest call centers in North America, built ground breaking services for the video conferencing industry, and started a successful training company.  Launching LearnPlan is part of her passion to help people and companies succeed.


Cloud Wizard

We have a Cloud Wizard.  Somebody who understands how SaaS environments need to work.  Who understands how cloud services can make a huge, positive impact on our customers.  Who knows how to figure out all those things that are supposed to happen behind the curtain.  Without him, LearnPlan simply would not function.


Mike Capace

VP Sales

Mike is the kind of person who always thinks about how he can help you, and never asking how you can help him.  He helped a small training company become a leader in the technical training industry, building adjacent services that kept his customers positioned as thought leaders.  Mike's approach to helping people made LearnPlan a perfect fit for him.


If you love to help people, if you care about helping companies launch success programs, and if want to be a part of this amazing team, then let us know what you can bring to LearnPlan.