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Designed to positively impact what is often the top P&L line item, LearnPlan is a cloud-hosted employee engagement and retention platform. Enabling long term management of career skills and training, LearnPlan also provides for management of succession planning as employees are promoted or retire, training investment optimization by directing employees to use the subscriptions you've purchased from all of your content vendors, and compliance management through useful reports.

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LearnPlan eLearning Library

Although LearnPlan is designed to help you manage multiple learning libraries and live training partnerships, you may find our eLibrary of more than 900 courses useful for your teams. The LearnPlan Library subscription belongs to the company, not the individual, so you never lose the value of your investment.  Course licenses are never consumed until the course is accessed, making it easy to shift and change training to match the shifts in your business.


$600 BILLION was spent on employee turnover costs in 2018

This is expected to reach $680 Billion by 2020!

Employees are consistently citing a few key reasons for leaving a company. Among the top reasons are lack of engagement by their employer, and lack of investment in career development. So, what’s your plan?   LearnPlan.

Engage your employees and make a positive impact on your retention.

Have you every really known what you have?

How many times have you collected the same information about your employees' certifications and skills? The round robin of out-of-date spreadsheets simply can't give you what you need, when you need it. The last minute fire drill approach to completing job compliance and partner compliance requirements hurts your productivity and decimates your team. You need a better plan.  A LearnPlan.

Track the courses, exams, certifications, and activities that allow you to sell more and deliver more.


Make a Plan...

You can reach your ROI in as little as 4 months.  Why are you waiting?